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Section I.  Theory and Methods of Science Education Research (Section Editor – David F. Treagust)

1. Paradigms in Science Education Research– David F. Treagust, Mihye Won & Reinders Duit
2. Quantitative Research Designs and Approaches – Hans E. Fischer, William J. Boone & Knut Neumann
3. Contemporary Qualitative Research: Towards An Integral Research Perspective– Peter Charles Taylor

Section II.  Science Learning (Section Editor – Richard Lehrer)

4. Student Conceptions and Conceptual Change: Three Overlapping Phases of Research – Tamer G. Amin, Carol Smith, & Marianne Wiser
5. Attitudes, Identity and Aspirations Towards Science– Russell Tytler
6. Classroom Learning Environments: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives – Barry J. Fraser
7. Learning Science Outside of School – Léonie J. Rennie
8. Teaching Learning Progressions: An International Perspective – Per-Olof Wickman

Section III.  Diversity and Equity in Science Learning (Section Editors – Cory A. Buxton & Okhee Lee)

9.   Unpacking and Critically Synthesizing the Literature on Race and Ethnicity in Science Education – Eileen Carlton Parsons
10. Gender Matters: Building On The Past, Recognizing The Present, And Looking Towards the Future – Kathryn Scantlebury
11. English Language Learners in Science Education – Cory A. Buxton & Okhee Lee
12. Special Needs and Talents in Science Learning- J. Randy McGinnis & Sami Kahn
13. Science Education in Urban Contexts: New Conceptual Tools and Stories of Possibilities- Angela Calabrese Barton, Edna Tan & Tara O’Neill
14. Rural Science Education: New ideas, Redirections, and Broadened Definitions – J. Steve Oliver & Georgia W. Hodges
15. Culturally Responsive Science Education for Indigenous and Ethnic Minority Students – Elizabeth McKinley & Mark Gan

Section IV. Science Teaching (Section Editor – Jan H. van Driel)

16. General Instructional Methods and Strategies – David F. Treagust & Chi-Yan Tsui
17. Discourse Practices in Science Learning and Teaching – Gregory J. Kelly
18. Promises and Challenges of Using Learning Technologies to Promote Student Learning of Science – Joseph S. Krajcik & Kongju Mun
19. Elementary Science Teaching – Kathleen Roth
20. Interdisciplinary Science Teaching – Charlene M. Czerniak & Carla C. Johnson
21. High School Biology Curricula Development: Implementation, Teaching, and Evaluation from the Twentieth to the Twenty-First Century – Reuven Lazarowitz
22. Teaching Physics- Reinders Duit, Horst Schecker, Dietmar Höttecke & Hans Niedderer
23. The Many Faces of High School Chemistry – Onno De Jong and Keith S. Taber
24. Earth Systems Science Education – Nir Orion and Julie Libarkin
25. Environmental Education – Justin Dillon
26. From Inquiry to Scientific Practices in the Science Classroom – Barbara A. Crawford

Section V.  Curriculum and Assessment in Science (Section Editor – Paul Black)

27. Scientific Literacy, Science Literacy, and Science Education – Douglas A. Roberts & Rodger W. Bybee
28. The History of Science Curriculum Reform in the United States – George E. DeBoer
29. Scientific Practices and Inquiry in the Science Classroom – Jonathan Osborne
30. Research on Teaching and Learning of Nature of Science – Norman G. Lederman & Judith S. Lederman
31. The Evolving Landscape Related to Assessment of Nature of Science – Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
32. Cultural Perspectives in Science Education – Heidi B. Carlone, Angela Johnson, & Margaret Eisenhart
33. Culturally Relevant Schooling in Science for Indigenous Learners Worldwide: Stressing the All in Science Literacy for All – Eleanor Abrams, Larry D. Yore, Megan Bang, Bryan Brayboy, Angelina Castagno, Joanna Kidman, Huei Lee, Mary Grace Villanueva, Ming Huey Wang, Paul Webb, & Chiung-Fen Yen
34. Socioscientific Issues as a Curriculum Emphasis: Theory, Research and Practice – Dana L. Zeidler
35. Project Assessment: Its History, Evolution, and Current Practice – Sarah Beth Woodruff & Jane Butler Kahle
36. Precollege Engineering Education – Christine M. Cunningham & William S. Carlsen
37. Review of Science Education Program Evaluation – Frances Lawrenz & Mao Thao
38. The Central Role of Assessment in Pedagogy – Paul Black & J. Myron Atkin
39. Large-Scale Assessments in Science Education – Edward D. Britton & Steven A. Schneider

Section VI.  Science Teacher Education  (Section Editor –John Loughran)

40. Developing Understandings of Practice: Science Teacher Learning – John Loughran
41. Science Teacher Attitudes and Beliefs: Reforming Practice – M. Gail Jones & Megan Leagon
42. Research on Science Teacher Knowledge – Jan H. van Driel, Amanda Berry, & Jacobiene Meirink
43. Learning to Teach Science – Tom Russell, Andrea K. Martin
44. Research on Teacher Professional Development Programs in Science – Julie A. Luft & Peter W. Hewson

Edited By Norman G. Lederman – 2014

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