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CONTENTS.: Contributors; List of figures; List of tables; Foreword Klaus J. Jacobs; Introduction: burnout and the teaching profession A. Michael Huberman and Roland Vandenberghe; Part I. Teacher Burnout: A Critical Review and Synthesis: 1. The nomological network of teacher burnout: a literature review and empirically validated model Barbara M. Byrne; 2. Stress and burnout in the teaching profession: European studies, issues and research perspectives Bernd Rudow; 3. Teacher stress in a time of reform Mark A. Smylie; 4. Teacher burnout: a critical challenge for leaders of restructuring schools Kenneth A. Leithwood, Teresa Menzies, Doris Jantzi and Jennifer Leithwood; 5. Intensification and stress in teaching Peter Woods; 6. Reframing teacher burnout in the context of school reform and teacher development in the United States Lynne Miller; Part II. Teacher Burnout: Perspectives and Remedies: 7. Inconsequentiality – the key to understanding teacher burnout Barry A. Farber; 8. Turning our schools into a healthier workplace: bridging between professional self-efficacy and professional demands Isaac A. Friedman; 9. Teacher career: between burnout and fading away? Reflections from a narrative and biographical perspective Geert Kelchtermans; 10. A psychosocial interpretation of teacher stress and burnout Willy Lens and Saul Neves de Jesus; 11. Burnout among teachers as a crisis in psychological contracts Michael P. Leiter; 12. Progress in understanding teacher burnout Christina Maslach; 13. Teachers’ moral purpose: stress, vulnerability and strength Jennifer Nias; 14. Teacher burnout from a social-cognitive perspective: a theoretical position paper Ralf Schwarzer and Esther Greenglass; 15. Professional identity, school reform and burnout: some reflections on teacher burnout Peter Sleegers; 16. Conflicting mindscapes and the inevitability of stress in teaching Thomas J. Sergiovanni; 17. Do teachers burn out more easily? A comparison of teachers with other social professions on work stress and burnout symptoms Peter de Heus and Réne F. W. Diekstra; 18. Teacher burnout Patricia Albjerg Graham; Part III. Teacher Burnout: A Research and Intervention Agenda: 19. Teacher burnout: a research agenda Christina Maslach and Michael P. Leiter; 20. Beyond individual burnout: A perspective for improved schools. Guidelines for the prevention of burnout Geert Kelchtermans and Anton Strittmatter; References; Index.

por Roland Vandenberghe (Editor) -1999

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0521622131
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 9780521622134
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