Pilot Plant Real Book: A Unique Handbook For The Chemical Process Industry – 2/ED


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The Pilot Plant Real Book, by Francis X. McConville, is a unique and highly practical new handbook for R&D chemists, chemical engineers, technicians, and students. Bridging the gap between chemistry and engineering, it is designed for process R&D, kilo-lab and pilot plant personnel, and is packed with information for the safe and effective scale-up of new processes –

A brief description of the contents:
 •  Properties of common solvents, gases, reagents, buffers, and heat transfer fluids…
azeotropes, boiling point relationships, flammability, pKa, solubility and chemical compatibility tables… conversions and mathematical formulae…

•  Clear, concise monographs on heat transfer, temperature control, agitation, distillation, extraction, crystallization, filtration and drying… reactors, TCU’s, chillers, motors, pumps, electricity,
intrinsic safety and process control…

•  Safe practices for handling of flammable solvents, compressed gases, toxic substances and electrical equipment… hazardous materials classifications, selection of personal protective equipment…

•  The role of the pilot plant in chemical development, guidelines for developing scalable reactions, process safety screening, Haz-Ops, cGMP, tips for maximizing efficiency and getting the most
out of process scale-up… and much more… 

by Francis X. McConville (Author) – Capa Comum – 2007 – 320 pages

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0972176926
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 9780972176927

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