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CONTENTS.: Preface. Measurement and prediction of the densities of aqueous mixtures. Effect of phase transfer catalysts on the interfacial tension of solutions. Viscosity correlations for unrefined petroleum liquids. HSPAN gel-water dispersion flow properties and clarity. Laminar flow development in pipes. Solution of the non-orthogonal contravariant shallow water equations. Spacial instability of plane liquid sheets. Phase inversion of liquid-liquid dispersion produced between parallel shearing plates. Cell model for added mass in two-phase flow. Mixed convection heat and mass transfer in a vertical channel with film evaporation. Influence of tube inclination on the flow-regime boundaries of condensing flows. Design of divided-flow exchangers. Mass transfer in tube banks with two-phase flow. Adiabatic two-phase flow in narrow channels. Experimental study of mixing performances using steady and unsteady jets. The use of in-line mixers located in recirculation loops around batch vessels to intensify droplet breakup processes. The use of mixing sensitive chemical reactions for the study of mixing in pulp fiber suspensions. The movement of solids in flighted rotating drums. Periodic operation of isothermal reactors in input multiplicities. Hydrodynamics, power consumption, and mass transfer in a reciprocating plate gas-liquid column. Hydrodynamic effects of spinning sparger on oxygen transfer in an external-loop airlift column. Changes in liquid hold-up in foam and size of foam by perforated plates and contributions to mechanical foam breaking. Grade-efficiencies and particle size distribution from sampling cyclones. Mass transfer and bubble size in a bubble column under pressure. Rise velocities of air bubbles along an inclined surface. Small bubble size distributions: Their measurement and analysis. Modeling agglomeration in fluidized beds. Particle convection heat transfer in gas fluidized beds. Coke combustion in a fluidized bed: Combustion of a charge with a wide distribution of particle sizes. A mathematical model of fluidized bed biomass gasification. Liquid dispersion in a magnetically stabilized fluided bed. Minimum spouting velocity in multiple spouted beds. A model for gas flow in jet spouted beds. Voidage measurements in bubbling and two-phase circulatory systems. Gas holdup in three-phase reciprocating columns. Influence of static electrification on dynamics, rheology and heat transfer in fluidized bed. Dispersed phase characteristics in three-phase fluidized beds. Woodpulp fiber fractionation. Index.

by Nicholas P Cheremisinoff  – 1996

  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 894 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0884152561
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 9780884152569
  • Obs.: Livro sem uso, com paginas amareladas e um pouco sujas pelo tempo – capa, contracapa, bordas e paginas integras. sem marcas, grifos, marcações ou qualquer tipo de detalhe que possa interferir na leitura ou pesquisa – Conteudo perfeito

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