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Chemical Reaction Engineering: Essentials, Exercises and Examples presents the essentials of kinetics, reactor design and chemical reaction engineering for undergraduate students. Concise and didactic in its approach, it features over 70 resolved examples and many exercises. The work is organized in two parts: in the first part kinetics is presented focusing on the reaction rates, the influence of different variables and the determination of specific rate parameters for different reactions both homogeneous and heterogeneous. This section is complemented with the classical kinetic theory and in particular with many examples and exercises. The second part introduces students to the distinction between ideal and non-ideal reactors and presents the basic equations of batch and continuous ideal reactors, as well as specific isothermal and non-isothermal systems. The main emphasis however is on both qualitative and quantitative interpretation by comparing and combining reactors with and without diffusion and mass transfer effects, complemented with several examples and exercises. Finally, non-ideal and multiphase systems are presented, as well as specific topics of biomass thermal processes and heterogeneous reactor analyses. The work closes with a unique section on the application of theory in laboratory practice with kinetic and reactor experiments. This textbook will be of great value to undergraduate and graduate students in chemical engineering as well as to graduate students in and researchers of kinetics and catalysis.

041. Definitions and stoichiometry 2. Chemical equilibrium 3. Kinetic of reactions 4. Molar balance in open and closed systems with chemical reaction 5. Determination of kinetic parameters 6. Kinetics of multiple reactions 7. Non-elementary reactions 8. Polymerization reactions 9. Kinetics of liquid-phase reactions 10. Heterogeneous reaction kinetics 11. Kinetic exercises 12. Elementary concepts of the collision theory 13. Catalysis: Analyzing variables influencing the catalytic properties 14. Ideal reactors 15. Specific reactors 16. Comparison of reactors 17. Combination of reactors 18. Transport phenomena in heterogeneous systems 19. Catalyst deactivation 20. Exercises reactors and heterogeneous reactors 21. Multiphase reacting systems 22. Heterogeneous reactors 23. Biomass-thermal and catalytic processes 24. Nonideal reactors 25. Experimental practices.

by SCHMAL – 2014 –
  • 700 páginas
ISBN 13: 9780415695381
ISBN 10: 0415695384

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