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Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology - 3/ED.

Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology - 3/ED. Autor: AKOH
Editora: CRC - 2008
ISBN: 1420046632
Área: Alimentos
N. Páginas: 928 pgs.

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Table of Contents
Chemistry and Properties
Nomenclature and Classification of Lipids,
Chemistry and Function of Phospholipids, M.C. Erickson
Lipid-Based Emulsions and Emulsifiers, D.J. McClements
The Chemistry of Waxes and Sterols, E.J. Parish, S. Li, and A.D. Bell
Extraction and Analysis of Lipids, F. Shahidi and P.K.J.P.D. Wanasundara
Methods for Trans Fatty Acid Analysis, R.E. McDonald and M.M. Mossoba
Chemistry of Frying Oils,
Recovery, Refining, Converting, and Stabilizing Edible Fats and Oils, L.A. Johnson
Crystallization and Polymorphism of Fats, P.J. Lawler and P.S.
Chemical Interesterification of Food Lipids: Theory and Practice, D. Rousseau and A.G. Marangoni
Oxidation and Antioxidants
Chemistry of Lipid Oxidation, H.J. Kim and D.B. Min
Lipid Oxidation of Muscle Foods, M.C. Erickson
Polyunsaturated Lipid Oxidation in Aqueous System, K. Miyashita
Methods of Measuring Oxidative Rancidity in Fats and Oils, F. Shahidi and U.N. Wanasundara
Antioxidants, D.W. Reische, D.A. Lillard, and R.R. Eitenmiller
Tocopherol Stability and the Prooxidant Mechanisms of Oxidized Tocopherols in Lipids, H.J. Kim and D.B. Min
Effects and Mechanisms of Minor Compounds in Oil on Lipid Oxidation
Antioxidant Mechanisms,
Fats and Oils in Human Health, D. Kritchevsky
Unsaturated Fatty Acids, S.M. Watkins and J.B. German
Dietary Fats, Eicosanoids, and the Immune System, D.M. Klurfeld
Dietary Fats and Coronary Heart Disease, R.P. Mensink and J. Plat
Conjugated Linoleic Acids: Nutrition and Biology, B.A. Watkins and Y. Li
Dietary Fats and Obesity, D.B. Hausman and B. Mullen Grossman
Fatty Acids and Cancer, H.P. Glauert
Lipid-Based Synthetic Fat Substitutes, C.C. Akoh
Food Applications of Lipids, F.D. Gunstone
Biotechnology and Biochemistry
Lipid Biotechnology, N. Weber and K.D. Mukherjee
Microbial Lipases, J.D. Weete, O.M. Lai,
Enzymatic Interesterification, W.M. Willis and A.G. Marangoni
Structured Lipids, C.C. Akoh and B.H. Kim
Genetic Engineering of Crops that Produce Vegetable Oil, V.C. Knauf and A.J. Del Vecchio

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