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Feliz Natal e Próspero 2010


Editora: - 1996
ISBN: 9780521462648
Área: Bioquímica
N. Páginas: 440 pags

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Introduction - The frontiers and challenges by L. W. Jelinski and H. C. Hoch and H. G. Craighead
High-resolution lithographic techniques for semiconductor nanofabrication by A. Forchel and P. Ils and R. Steffen and M. Bayer 1
Principles of materials etching by R. Germann 18
The development and application of micromechanical devices in biosystems by K. D. Wise 40
Microsensors and microactuators for biomedical applications by M. Esashi 61
The use of micromachined structures for the manipulation of biological objects by M. Washizu 80
Light-addressable potentiometric sensor: applications to drug discovery by H. M. McConnell 97
A surface plasmon resonance biosensor for characterization of biospecific interactions by M. Malmqvist 103
Standard test targets for high-resolution light microscopy by R. Oldenbourg and S. Inoue and R. Tiberio and A. Stemmer and G. Mei and M. Skvarla 123
Development of voltammetric methods, capillary electrophoresis and TOF SIMS imaging for constituent analysis of single cells by P. Beyer Hietpas and S. D. Gilman and R. A. Lee and M. R. Wood and N. Winograd and A. G. Ewing 139
Scanning force microscopy of biological macromolecules: present and future by C. Bustamante and D. A. Erie and G. Yang 159
Nanoscale structures engineered by molecular self-assembly of funtionalized monolayers by D. L. Allara 180
Biofunctionalized membranes on solid surfaces by R. Tampe and C. Dietrich and S. Gritsch and G. Elender and L. Schmitt 201
Molecular assembly technology for biosensors by M. Aizawa and K. Nishiguchi and M. Imamura and E. Kobatake and T. Haruyama and Y. Ikariyama 222
Self-organized ordered growth of III-V semiconductor quantum wires by K. H. Ploog 234
Formation of a simple model brain on microfabricated electrode arrays by A. Kawana 258

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