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Handbook of Green Chemicals-2/Ed

Handbook of Green Chemicals-2/Ed Autor: ASH
Editora: NOYES - 2004
ISBN: 1890595790
Área: Meio Ambiente
N. Páginas: 1200 pags.

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PART I—Trade Name Reference
This section provides an alphabetical listing of trade names identifiable as green. Each entry includes the manufacturer’s name; chemical/material description; its detailed functions and applications in all aspects of industry; physical properties, such as form, molecular weight, density, solubility, boiling point, cloud point, flash point, pH, freezing point, activity; toxicology, storage, precautions, etc.
PART II—Chemical Component Cross-Reference covers more than 2500 chemicals/materials that are contained in the trade name products section. Each entry contains information including the following: CAS (Chemical Abstract Service), EINECS/ELINCS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances/European List of Notified Chemical Substances), and UN/DOT reference numbers, classification, definition, chemical synonyms, empirical and molecular formulas, properties, toxicology, precautions, storage, uses, use level, regulatory details, manufacturers and distributors (linked to the Manufacturers Directory). All chemical/material synonyms are cross-referenced back to the main entry. These entries are followed by a listing of the trade name products (linked to the Trade Name Products section) that are either equivalent to the monograph entry or contain it as one or more of its ingredients.
Part III—Green Attribute Cross-Reference groups the trade name chemicals by one or more of 15 green chemical attributes: Biodegradable; Environmentally Safe • Environmentally Friendly; Halogen-Free; HAP's-Free; Low Global Warming; Low Ozone-Depleting • Nonozone-Depleting; Low Vapor Pressure; Noncarcinogenic; Non-CFC • Non-HCFC; Nonhazardous; Nontoxic; Recyclable; SARA-Nonreportable; SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy) Compliant; VOC-Compliant • Low-VOC • VOC-Free
PART IV—Function/Application Index
This section, with more than 31,000 categories, is a powerful tool for locating materials based on their function and/or industrial application area. By searching for key functional words such as filler, reinforcement, diluent, bulking agents, extender, etc., combined with a specific application area, such as polystyrene, tires, cosmetics, coatings, etc., the user is directed to the trade names and/or chemicals and materials that have that specific functional/application attribute. The generic component names are distinguished from the trade names by italic type.
Part V—Manufacturers Directory
An alphabetical listing of the international chemical manufacturers of the trade name products and chemical components is provided in this section. Each entry includes branch locations and contact information. Wherever possible, telephone, telefax, toll-free telephone numbers, E-mail and Internet addresses, and complete mailing addresses are included for each manufacturer
Additional Indexes:
CAS Number Index contains CAS number entries followed by a listing of their trade name product and chemical equivalents in alphabetical order. The chemical name is in boldfaced type.
EINECS/ELINCS Number Index contains EINECS/ELINCS number entries followed by a listing of its trade name product and generic chemical equivalents in alphabetical order. The chemical name is in boldfaced type.

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