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PCR Technology: Current Innovations - 3/Ed

PCR Technology: Current Innovations - 3/Ed Autor: NOLAN
Editora: - 2013
ISBN: 9781620813119
Área: Bioquímica
N. Páginas: 450 pags

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Template Preparation
Pre-PCR Processing Strategies; Johannes Hedman, Maria Lövenklev, Petra Wolffs, Charlotta Löfström, Rickard Knutsson, and Peter Rådström
Use of a Liposomal Internal Control Vehicle for Whole-Process Quality Assurance of Nucleic Acid Amplification; Einar S. Berg and Tania Nolan
Reaction Components
Oligonucleotide Synthesis and Purification; Yannick Fillon, Theresa Creasey, Qin Xiang, and Carlos Martinez
Augmenting PCR: Effects of Additives in the Polymerase Chain Reaction; Ernest J. Mueller
Real-Time Fluorescent PCR by Labeled Primer with a Single Fluorescent Molecule; Hong Yan and Liu Xiao Kun
Using Scorpion Primers for Genotyping; David Whitcombe
LNA: Adding New Functionality to PCR; Søren M. Echwald, Ditte Andreasen, and Peter Mouritzen
Modified dNTPs: A Toolbox for Use in PCR; Natasha Paul, Olga Adelfinskaya, Elena Hidalgo Ashrafi, Tony Le, and Sabrina Shore
Thermocycler Calibration and Analytical Assay Validation; Mary Span, Marc Verblakt, and Tom Hendrikx
Ultra-High-Speed PCR Instrument Development; Nick Burroughs and Emmanouil Karteris
Dropletization of Bioreactions: How Single-Cell Quantitative Analyses May Improve Gene Measurement and Cancer Diagnosis; Ehsan Karimiani, Amelia Markey, and Philip Day
Design, Optimization, QC, and Standardization
Assay Design for Real-Time qPCR; Gregory L. Shipley
Primer Design for Large-Scale Multiplex PCR and Arrayed Primer Extension; Maido Remm, Kaarel Krjutškov, and Andres Metspalu
Development and Use of qPCR Assays for Detection and Study of Neglected Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases; Ashley R. Heath, Norha Deluge, Maria Galli de Amorim, and Emmanuel Dias-Neto
MIQE: Guidelines for Reliable Design and Transparent Reporting of Real-Time PCR Assays; Tania Nolan and Stephen A. Bustin
Data Analysis
Hypothesis-Driven Approaches to Multivariate Analysis of qPCR Data; Anders Bergkvist, Azam Sheikh Muhammad, and Peter Damaschke
Experiment Design, Data Management, and Univariate Statistical Analysis of Gene-Expression Data Obtained by Real-Time Quantitative PCR; Ales Tichopad, Tzachi Bar, Malin Edling, Boel Svanberg, Tania Nolan, and Anders Bergkvist
Biomarker Discovery via RT-qPCR and Bioinformatical Validation; Christiane Becker, Irmgard Riedmaier, and Michael W. Pfaffl
Optimization of Quantitative Real-Time PCR for Studies in Cartilage Mechanobiology; Oto Akanji, Donald Salter, and Tina Chowdhury
Enriching DNA Sequences with Nucleotide Variation by Thymidine Glycosylases Combined with Suppression PCR; Xinghua Pan, Alexander E. Urban, and Sherman M. Weissman
Chromosome Walking by Inverse PCR; Michael Gotesman, Selwyn A. Williams, Jorge A. Garcés, and Ray H. Gavin
Expression Profiling of MicroRNAs by Quantitative Real-Time PCR: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Mirco Castoldi, Paul Collier, Tania Nolan, and Vladimir Benes
Dye-Based High-Throughput qPCR in Microfluidic Platform BioMark™; David Svec, Vendula Rusnakova, Vlasta Korenkova, and Mikael Kubista
Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Biosensor Technology for Real-Time Detection of PCR Products; Giordana Feriotto and Roberto Gambari
Current Innovations in the Development and Application of the qPCR in a Resource-Limited Setting; Clare Watt and Jim Huggett
A Review of Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technologies; Gavin J. Nixon and Claire A. Bushell
Proximity Ligation Assay for Protein Quantification; David W. Ruff, Mark E. Shannon, Shiaw-Min Chen, Simon Fredriksson, and Ulf Landegren
High-Resolution Melt Analysis; Einar S. Berg and Tania Nolan

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