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Sustainability of the Sugar and Sugar- Ethanol Industries

Sustainability of the Sugar and Sugar- Ethanol Industries Autor: EGGLESTON
Editora: - 2011
ISBN: 9780841225985
Área: Agricultura
N. Páginas: 320 pags

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1. Future Sustainability of the Sugar and Sugar?Ethanol Industries
Gillian Eggleston
Measurement of Sustainability in the Sugar and Sugar?Ethanol Industries
2. Measuring and Monitoring Sustainability in the Sugar and Sugar?Ethanol Industry
Peter Rein
Sustainability Efforts in Sugar Industries Around the World
3. Major Challenges and Changes in the European Sugar Sector
Geoff Parkin and Jan Maarten De Bruijn
4. The Sugarcane Crop for the Sustainable Production of Sugar and Other Cane Derived Products in Mauritius
Kassiap Deepchand
5. The Success and Sustainability of the Brazilian Sugarcane?Fuel Ethanol Industry
H. V. Amorim, M. Gryschek, and M. L. Lopes
6. The South African and Southern African Regions - Part I: Sugarcane Production
Barbara M. Muir, Ruth Rhodes, Predhie Naidoo, and Martin J Eweg
7. The South African and Southern African Regions - Part II: Sugarcane Processing
Barbara M. Muir, Paul M. Schorn, Stephen Peacock, and Charles Kruger
Sustainable Production of Fuel Ethanol from Sugar Crops and Products
8. Pretreatment Technologies for the Conversion of Lignocellulosic Materials to Bioethanol
Giovanna M. Aita and Misook Kim
9. Sustainable Production of Energycane for Bio-Energy in the Southeastern United States
Ryan Viator, Paul White, and Edward Richard, Jr.
10. Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L) as a Biofuel Feedstock in the United States
Lee Panella and Stephen R. Kaffka
11. Opportunities and Challenges of Sweet Sorghum as a Feedstock for Biofuel
Sarah E. Lingle
Sustainable Improvements in the Quality Supply of Sugar Feedstocks
12. Approaches to Raw Sugar Quality Improvement as a Route to Sustaining a Reliable Supply of Purified Industrial Sugar Feedstocks
John R. Vercellotti, Sharon V. Vercellotti, Gavin Kahn, and Gillian Eggleston
13. Enzymatic Analysis of Mannitol as a Leuconostoc mesenteroides Deterioration Marker in Sugarcane and Sugar Beet Factories
Gillian Eggleston, Jessica Gober, and Clay Alexander
14. Sustainability of Low Starch Concentrations in Sugarcane through Short-Term Optimized Amylase and Long-Term Breeding Strategies
Marvellous Zhou, Collins Kimbeng, Serge Edme, Anna Hale, Ryan Viator, and Gillian Eggleston
Value-Added Products for a Sustainable Sugar Industry
15. Value-Added Products for a Sustainable Sugar Industry
Mary An Godshall
16. Liquid Sugars Produced in Sugar Refineries: Advantages of Large Central Units Serving the Sustainable and Competitive Needs of the Food Industry
Francois Rousset
17. The Role of Sugar Beet Pulp Polysaccharides in the Sustainability of the Sugar Beet Industry
Arland Hotchkiss, Marshall Fishman, and LinShu Liu

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